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Friday, March 8, 2013

This week's creations...

I started some fun projects inspired by Pinterest this week as well as Spring cleaning with the hopes that the weather would see my endeavors and behave accordingly. It did. It snowed. Ah well, at least the house sparkles from my homemade vinegar cleaner. At least for a few days...
My kids were busy creating things this week as well. My daughter was using the glue gun, and household items to turn a can into a dog with a friend. Of course I had to scour the house for more tin cans so she could create more puppies ;) I love that you never know what will spark your kids.
My son was busy coming up with some grand contraptions of his own to build. Hubby and son spent the morning going over plans. I know it involved a chariot, totes, a motor but that is about all I understood. My son is amazingly brilliant when it comes to coming up with contraptions. I love to see his enthusiasm, and passion for these machines, and am grateful that my hubby can help his ideas come to life.
My project was not too shabby either. I took some old photos of my Great Grandma, Grandma, Great Aunt and Mom to create a multimedia creation. I love that I am showcasing photos in a unique way, and incorporated old pearls (fake of course) that were my Great Grandma's that give it such texture.

We created more projects than these but those will be for another blog entry. So what have you created today?

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