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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ronald McDonald House

I love my job as DRE of my UU church, and I love being a UU. Yes, I said it because it is such a huge part of our lives that I want to share. No, I will not preach to you nor do I have any desire to. What I will do is share with you our experiences, projects we are working on, and social action projects.
A big focus of our church is helping people. My kids and I love helping because it makes us feel good and it makes us happy knowing we are making a difference in our community. One project our youth and adults took on was cooking breakfast for the Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland this past Sunday. For those that are not aware, the Ronald McDonald House provides housing at a minimal cost so families can be close to their hospitalized child. Any organization can sign up to help cook any meal. We chose to cook breakfast because we wanted it to coincide with Sunday morning. Our church used half of its collection plate so we could buy all the food which included, bacon, sausage, waffles, cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins, fruit, eggs and home fries. I had planned a book drive as well so we could take gently used books to donate to the House's library. We had a ton of soda tabs to donate as well. I could not believe that they get about $10,000 a year for those soda tabs.
We arrived bright and early Sunday morning, sans one daughter who was recovering from a mall sleepover with the Girl Scouts. She got home at 7am, and passed out since they were busy having way too much fun to sleep all night. Anyway, there we were a handful of adults, and one youth in a tiny kitchen cooking away. Thank goodness for our head cook, Evelyn, who knew what she was doing. If we had followed my plan we would have served lunch. Have I mentioned I have time management issues? And I really cannot cook? Not good combinations ;) But it turned out wonderful. The residents were so appreciative of the meal, and many took the time to thank us. It made my heart cry to think of what these families were going through. They were so strong. One little boy thanked us and we learned his little brother was staying in the hospital. It makes you stop, and appreciate all you have in your life. The Ronald McDonald House is such a worthwhile cause, and I hope you consider giving your change when you go there. Better yet contact your local house, and volunteer. For those that are interested here is the link to the Cleveland House.

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