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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pinterest, let me count the ways...

Ok. I admit it. I LOVE pinterest! I love the boards on pinterest. I love browsing all the categories and seeing where I end up when following pins. I have found some of my favorite websites this way. The best thing about pinterest? I do not have to be creative (per se) which is fabulous because not only am I searching for recipes, homeschool resources, green resources, funky thrifty house wares, gardening tips and decorations, I am busy living life. With pinterest I can search for specific things or browse categories and be inspired. My favorite things? Ways to reuse household items and making household items cheaper than the store bought item. Usually this has a ton more character and looks way better than store bought. But that's just my opinion. But what is the use of pinning all those fabulous ideas if you never try them? So I have made it one of my goals to try a new pin every month. This month I tried making a magazine rack from an Ego waffle box, modge podge glue (cannot live without this glue and worth every penny!) and scrapbook paper. After some struggle (because things never work out perfectly the first time;) I had a pretty good magazine rack!


I hope this inspires you to try your pins! I know this is just the beginning of my love affair with Pinterest!

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