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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New doors opening

Well it has been awhile since I have written any posts yet so much has happened I am not sure where to start! I guess just plunging in the middle somewhere works. My hubby and I have decided to keep both kids home to homeschool them. Actually the decision was there's too. I had researched this for well over a year and talked to many moms who homeschooled their kids as well as joined groups just to see if we could do this. I researched different methods, different curriculum, different learning styles, everything that I could read on the subject I did. Then came the time to take the plunge and we did it. The results so far? Amazing. The kids have rediscovered their love of learning without the added stress of memorization and peer pressure. They have met so many kids that many weeks we have to decide NOT to see any of the numerous groups out there because we are so busy. Is homeschooling for everyone? No. But I am so glad the option was there for my kids.
Second? I got a part time job. Actually two. I help out my cousin who cleans houses once a week. The other? I am Director of Religious Education at my Unitarian Universalist Church. I have been a member for over 12 years and I just slipped seamlessly into my new position. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I cannot believe how much joy this position brings me and how much I have to stop myself from putting even more hours in. I have had people tell me that I glow. Sounds corny but I feel it. I feel joy and passion oozing from me and at times I feel giddy and break out into song. Of course my kids are embarrassed that it is usually out in public that I feel these urges but that kinda just adds to my joy! I feel like this is part of my light that I was given to share and shine.
I have also finished my ebook on ADHD and am so proud to put that out there. Of course there is never any rest and I am already working on my next book which is a fiction piece. I may add chapters for others to read but not sure. We will see how it goes. So as you can see I am busy. But I still love to write and hope to start blogging more about the kids, homeschooling, being green, working and writing. Because I have so much free time ;)
So, what makes you glow? What are you passionate about? What light do you share with others?

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