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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vertical Gardening

The newest rage in container gardening is vertical gardening. It is easy to see why this is fast becoming a very popular way to garden. For those that have limited space such as apartments or live in urban areas this is ideal. I like the idea because it frees up my lawn area for other things such as flowers, pools, and grass for the kids to play in.
So what exactly is vertical gardening? Vertical gardening is growing herbs, vegetables, flowers or whatever you wish, up. This could mean on a fence, a wall, the side of a house. But, how exactly do you plant in a fence? Very carefully. I know corny, but I had to I say it.
Many items are available to use for vertical gardening. You can buy black pouches online or at your local gardening center. Another option is to use gutters. Yes, I did say gutters. Hang the gutters on your fence, fill with soil and plant anything such as an herb garden, flowers or vegetables. The benefit of this is you can usually fit more plants in the gutters than what you could have with potted plants.
You can also be creative with your vertical garden. Plant kitchen herbs in colorful painted pots and hang on your fence. Not only does it add character but it is useful for cooking! Hit the junk shops in your area and look for old cookie jars, brightly painted pitchers, or purses. These are all items that can be attached to the fence. They add a little bit of your personality to your vertical garden so have fun with it.
The down side is that container gardens whether on the fence or in potted plants on the ground, requires more water. They need to be watered every day in hot weather. Water usage could be offset with a rain barrel. I have two and would be lost without them every summer. But I will save that for another article.
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