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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kids and Gardening

Well this year we have decided to expand our garden. Or rather, I have decided  :) The reason we decided to expand was because of a novel idea (at least to me) about no-till gardening. Genius really because who wants to spend all that time tilling the soil? So what is a no till garden? Well., first you have to lay down a thick layer of cardboard over the area followed by a thick layer of newspaper. Then you layer dead leaves, grass, and dirt till you get about 1-2 feet of compost. The cardboard and newspaper decompose with the dead leaves and debris creating wonderful soil for your veggie plants.
My kids are involved in this whole process too. They help with starting seeds, planting seedlings, watering from the rain barrels and of course the harvesting. Usually the cherry tomatoes never make it to the kitchen because the kids pick the plants clean. It is so amazing to see the kids eat vegetables they would not normally eat just because they grew it. Purple green beans are a novelty to be gobbled up along with yellow tomatoes while grocery store green beans are given the ewwwww factor. To have my kids feel the Earth and take care of her is something I hold dearly.  For those that have never tried gardening with their kids I highly recommend it. It is not something that can be taught in a classroom or just talked about. It is just something that has to be experienced.
So while March feels like June and has me dreaming of veggies and gardening, I will start by laying down the cardboard for my 12x12 area and dream of a bigger garden. Hmmm. Was there extra space behind the garage in the backyard I could use?

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