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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Organizing Kids with ADHD

For those that have kids with ADHD you know how important being organized is and you also know how difficult it can be. I was never "taught" to be organized so this has been a lesson trying to teach my son to be organized. One idea I adapted from pinterest was the to do list. I took a lined poster board I found at Marc's for $.57 and cut it in half. I then listed the things he needed to get done for the day. Since he has been so good at getting morning stuff done I did not feel the need to add those to the list. When he as completed his chore, he simply moves the colored paperclip to the opposite side of the paper. You can also use clear contact paper to laminate it and check it off with dry erase markers. I have a list for my daughter too and yes, I admit I made one for myself. Just to keep things on track and to make it more of a family thing.

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