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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My struggle with organization

I have always been a procrastinator and organization does not come easy to me. Being a college student, a writer and a mom among others, gave me a "safe" get out of jail free card. I bemoaned the fact that I had no time to stay organized and I would let things pile up thinking I would get to it later. But the stress of being unorganized was affecting myself and my kids. Yes we made sure the book bags were packed by the door the night before but there were other things. Running around in the morning because I thought I could grab 5 minutes on the computer to pay bills which turned into 30 minutes. Glancing at the clock I would then have to rush the kids and I could feel my blood pressure go up. I knew it was my fault for not paying attention and I would get cranky.

So I sat down and made a list of my time and my commitments. This made me focus on how much time I really had during the week and whether or not I wanted to spend it scrolling through websites or keeping my sanity by keeping organized. The organization won out and the computer has taken a back seat to life. I plan time and limits to be on the computer to pay bills and write blogs now so I do not get caught up in pinterest for half a day. Life has become smoother which I am enjoying. I have to really focus on being organized but the payoff has been worth the effort.

For instance, mornings are much smoother, less stressful and much more enjoyable. The computer stays off and I am able to keep up with the time and what the kids have to do to get ready. We make lunches the night before as well as pack up the school bags. I am able to get the kids off to school earlier so they are not rushing to get to class. Everyone's day starts a little happier which makes the whole day happier. Especially my son. Having ADHD he never does well with rushing so this has been an immense help with starting his day off right. I have also been reading books on organization because I know the best thing I can do to help him is to show him how to stay organized. Organization is ADHD's best friend and I really needed to step that part up to show him what a difference it can make.
Being organized has forced me to write more. Yes I love to write. It fills me up in a way that others can never understand. The complete joy and stillness that I feel can never be duplicated except when I write. Yet I was always procrastinating and saying I did not have time to write. I needed to concentrate on school to finish my degree. I needed to concentrate on helping my kids. I needed to just sit my behind down and write. Writing is a joy but it is scary too. You are putting your soul out there for the world to see and it feels raw to let others read what you wrote. Yet I know I need to write to be who I am supposed to be. So I will keep up with the organizing.  It has been a learning experience but isn't that what life is supposed to be about?

If you would like to share tips to stay organized I would love to hear them! Or if you know of any books that can help please feel free to leave that info in the comment box below.

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