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Monday, January 9, 2012

Decorating a kid's room on a budget

Decorating a Kid’s room on a budget

This year for Christmas my daughter wanted a room makeover instead of gifts. She was ready to forego Princesses and opt for a different look with a whole room re-do, yet I still needed to stick to a budget. Decorating on a budget can seem like an impossible feat but you just have to be creative and use your imagination.

First item up is to pick a theme. This does not mean you should stick to a princess theme or an action hero theme. You should, however pick out colors and things that interest your child. If your child does not like ballerinas it would not make sense to decorate your kid’s room with pictures of ballerinas.

Paint! This is the inexpensive way to change the look of a room. It is a simple way to decorate a kids room with ought spending a ton and achieve a fresh new look. If you are artistic try painting a mural or use a projector if you are like me and can only draw stick figures. You can also use paint to change the look of furniture or add flair by painting the walls different colors. Paint plain frames, plain shelves and wood accents with bright colors that match your color theme. For instance, I painted my old vanity a bright teal and added new knobs for a completely new look. The cost was under $20.00 but the look was priceless.

Purging is just one option of low cost decorating. I emptied my daughter’s room before painting and when I was done I only put back toys she really played with. Everything else went down in the playroom. This created the look of a bigger room without all the things to clutter it.

Another tip for budget decorating is to use sheets for window treatments. Try using sheets that match your color theme or child’s room theme. Very inexpensive with little to no sewing involved. Or check out Goodwill. My daughter got cute curtains for very cheap.

Wall decals can add a lot of fun when decorating a kid’s room. These can be found at your local superstores or online. They have cute animals or sayings or you can splurge on a custom name that can be a focal point. Whatever fits your fancy and your budget.

Re-purpose old items from other rooms. My dad recently re-did his bathroom so my daughter got his huge beveled edged mirror that is 4’ x 6’. She now dances in front of it and loves how it made her room look bigger and brighter. This was a freebie that would have cost me hundreds of dollars if I were to buy it.

Think outside the box. I went to Home Depot and bought a closet shelving unit and turned it into a desk area with shelves for her toys. The total cost was $120.00. When my dad and I priced the materials to make it, it would have cost over $400.00. So for $120.00 we have a piece that fits the space exactly.

Re-arrange furniture. This may seem like a no brainer, but re-arranging furniture gives the room a new feel. Play around with how each piece fits to see what works best in the space.

Use posters or calendars to decorate. My favorite artist is Michael Parkes. I bought a calendar and framed all the pictures for inexpensive art that I love. Another inexpensive wall decoration that kids love is corkboard, and white board. Let the kids use corkboard to show off their latest masterpiece.

Buy new bedding. This may seem like a splurge but new bedding adds a fresh new look. Look for overstocks, sales, clearance and online. I would not suggest buying second hand because of the resurgence of bedbugs.

I hope these low cost decorating ideas have inspired you. I know they have inspired me to look at other rooms in our house. Be creative and have fun!

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