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Friday, January 6, 2012

ADHD and medication

I cannot believe that the holidays are over already. Each year it seems to go by faster and faster. I guess that's what happens after you have kids. Like so many families we have been busy which is why I have not written any new blogs. Today is the first day I have been able to catch my breath so I decided to write about our experience with medication. At the beginning of the school year we decided as a family (my husband, my son and myself) to try medication for my son's ADHD. He started on 18 mg of Concerta which seemed to help him focus a little more at school. The dosage was upped to 36mg to see if it would help a little more. Unfortunately the side effects outweighed the benefits. He started losing too much weight and all the joy seemed to leave him. He was more "zombie-like" so we dropped him back to 18mg. While spending the night at a friends he forgot to take his medicine. I asked him how that made him feel and he said it felt good to have fun and be himself which made me want to cry. He asked if he could go off the medication and my husband and I agreed. We always told him that this was an experiment just like all the other things we tried and if it did not work, we would figure something else out.
So, it is back to the drawing board for us. But this time we have more knowledge about what works and what doesn't. I am reading more books about ADHD and organizing kids, diet, behavioral therapy, parenting skills and more. He seems much happier and my husband and I are not stressing about it which helps a ton. We are learning new things with the new studies and research about kids with ADHD which makes me hopeful.
This is a life long journey but one I would never change for the world. My son is amazingly creative and funny and bright and wonderful and he would not be that way if he did not have ADHD. Our challenge is helping him find ways to cope and overcome the obstacles which I am every optimistic about.
I am in the middle of transferring my notes to my power point presentation on ADHD in kids to share what I have learned. I originally did the presentation for a class project thinking I knew a lot about kids with ADHD. I was so wrong and there was more to learn. Like I said before, there is so many new studies and research and books that it is truly amazing. We have tried so many things yet there is so much more out there to try. I will post the presentation in the next couple of weeks. If you have any advice or comments, please feel free to share!

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