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Friday, June 17, 2011

Family of baseball players

Baseball was a big part of my youth. My grandfathers played minor league, my father coached my brother's  team and  my brother was a terrific baseball player. Me,  I tried. I excelled at being the bat girl but that is where my athletic abilities ended. Which was difficult to come to grips with since baseball was such a part of our summer life growing up.
 As for my kids my son never showed any interest in baseball so when my daughter said at age 3 she wanted to play, I thought it might be an interest that passed. 4 years later that interest still held so I relented and signed her up. I had no idea she would love the sport so much and want to practice at it so much. She is very competitive and wants to excel at it. She practices at least a few times a week and she always reminds me when it is time. I ended up being her assistant coach (do not ask me how that happened!) and I find myself at a loss. I am trying to help her be her best. I understand her love of the game (I always liked to play non competitively) but not her drive to be the best. That she gets from my dad. So I research online how to coach and what to teach and I ask other parents what works for them. I am trying to be as supportive and helpful as I can because I know this fiercely independent strong willed child is going to like many things I am not familiar with and have no clue about. Thank God for google. In her first year playing she has already shown so much improvement. Last game she got 3 hits, 1 run (almost 2) and almost got a runner out at second with a fantastic catch in 5 innings. Yet she was still upset because she got tagged out at home. After the game she stayed another hour wanting to practice hitting and throwing. I am amazed at the will power of this little girl to get better. And now she has gotten her brother interested in playing. So now we are a baseball family. Which feels like I have come full circle. And it feels good. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as we are!

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