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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cleveland Art Museum

Over spring break I had planned to take the kids to the Cleveland Art Museum. I thought my kids (age 9 and 6) would enjoy it. I knew my daughter would love it because she is my little artist. My son I figured would like the armor section and put up with the rest because his grandparents were going and he loves spending time with them.
The morning we were scheduled to go, Jared woke up on the wrong side of bed. He was pushing everything and trying my patience deliberately. I knew it was going to be one of his days. By that I mean he does good for a week or two and then BAM! He pushes and pushes and pushes and cannot seem to control himself. It is almost as if it takes so much for him to control it that he has to let it go once in awhile. It tries my patience. It REALLY tried my patience. But I have learned many things, young grasshopper.
This is an example of part of our morning. Katie came to me and said Jared had written in his book. Apparently a bad word. I calmly (always calmly) asked him to bring me the book .He did with a look of pure innocence. He proceeded to show me that he did not write any bad words in the book. He just wrote these words on separate pages, Fun, Under, Cute and Katie. MMmhmmm. Like I was born yesterday. In the past I would have yelled, asked why he did and it would accumulated until doors were slammed and I would be furious. Like I said, I have learned. I simply told him the book was mine and if he wanted another one he would have to use his own money. Considering this was one of his all time favorites the motivation is there for him to replace it. The upside, he had consequences and he accepted those. I did not yell which he feeds off of. I did not ask why because it does not matter and most times he does not know why. I also did not lecture because I can always see the glazed look take over. Action works with him.
We continued with our morning and went to the museum. I was calm the whole time and reined Jared in when I had to but he was pretty good. I think he got it out of his system at home with the book. The funny part was he loved the armor room but that was not his favorite. His absolute favorite thing was the glass doors that opened and closed by themselves. I guess I can see the draw because they did look kind of Star Trekish and that kind of thing appeals to son.
So all in all the art museum was a hit. Katie had a great time looking at all the pretty pics. We were able to show her the Renoir, Salvador Dali, Picasso and more and she seemed to enjoy it. Jared played with a glass door. So a day that could have been a disaster turned into a wonderful day. Although we did cut it short and only stayed a couple hours. After all, why push it? That is Jared's job.

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