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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jared's hardship

Yesterday I received a note from Jared's teacher. Apparently my son told another kid he was going to kick his you know what. I did some breathing before talking this over with my son. I knew the kid he had words with and I had a feeling there was more to the story. Come to find out the kid was telling my son he was weak and slow. Now, this kid knows Jared has CMT which affects his arm and leg strength so he is knowingly making fun of Jared's weakness. What is a parent to do? It seems the older Jared gets the more this is causing problems in school. I cannot bear to see him upset over something he has no control over. I have told him to ignore this kid (who used to be a friend of Jared's) but Jared said that is not working. We have told Jared over and over that in the real world it will not matter how fast he is but how smart he is. Doesn't help for now. I also blame the parents. I am sorry but I have raised my children to be compassionate to those less fortunate than him and they would never make fun of other kids. And if he did their would be consequences. Now I know kids will be kids, but why do we say it is ok and then act shocked when adults do it? Why is it ok for kids to do it when we would not stand for this behavior in adults? Why do we just say, kids are mean and that is the end of it? Why are we not teaching kids to be compassionate? I know alot of my mom friends are, but I also know alot of other kids who are not which makes me sad. Meanwhile there is not much I can do except talk with my son, tell him to ignore the kids,tell him to imagine great days at school because a positive attitude is an amazing thing, and love him.

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