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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Joy

Yesterday I went to the mall with my children, mom and step dad. We were done shopping but just wanted to go to see the Christmas displays and window shop. We spent 4 hours there and had a wonderful time. We saw Santa and some friends we knew, we saw some great Christmas decorations and sang some Christmas carols much to the embarrassment of my son. We laughed a lot and cherished this time we had.When we left I decided to take side roads since my daughter has been complaining of getting headaches when we take the highway. I thought it would be nice change of pace and we were in no real hurry. It was just turning dark so the city lights were on and were amazing to look at as we drove by. And yet another surprise a little way down the road was 8 deer on the side of the road. Amazing how such a creature can still cause such excitement. The kids were so excited to see so many deer. They thought that was the coolest thing. Until. We. Saw. Him!!! He was driving down the sidewalk in his sleigh!!! It was Santa!! Do not ask me who, what or how. I just know we saw Santa driving down the sidewalk in his sleigh. It was awesome. Especially when Grandpa said Santa must be taking his sleigh out for a test run before Christmas. We honked the horn and he waved and then we were past. But the excitement could still be felt for awhile. That car ride home felt almost magical with all the wonders we were shown. And we would have missed it all if we had not slowed down to stop and smell the Christmas trees:)

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