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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jared's ADHD

Jared 2005
When I had my son, Jared, I never imagined the degree of difficulty or the challenges parenting would bring along with the amount of joy. It has been a HUGE learning process and I continue to learn something every day. I explained in an earlier blog about Jared's CMT and how we avoided surgery. So now comes Jared and school.
 Jared was always very social and outgoing just like my dad and brother. Growing up hearing stories about those two was very funny. My brother was constantly grounded and I always wondered why he did not just listen and do what my parents asked. He and my dad were like an alien species to me. When my brother was younger he left home with a friend and their big wheels and crossed 4 lanes of highway traffic in Miami to go play. My father used to have to be tied in a harness to the porch because he would just take off and then the whole neighborhood would have to look for him. Not that they ever thought that what they were doing would get them in trouble. They never thought that far ahead. They were both very impulsive with no thought of the consequences for their actions. I grew up thinking that was how ALL boys acted when they were younger. There are more stories I could tell but I do not want to give parents nightmares about what their kids could be getting into! And yes, my mom was a stay at home mom who was wonderful and patient and did what she could but she really was no match for my brother (Side note: My brother has grown up (somewhat) and is doing very well so there is hope for my son:)
So after all that happened with Jared's CMT I thought we were on to smoother sailing. He did not let the CMT slow him down at all. He was active. Very active. I started noticing that not all the moms had to watch their kids like a hawk or chase after them like I did Jared. I would get comments about how "active" Jared was with sideway glances. By the end of the day I would be exhausted. Especially since I had my daughter when my son was 3 so I had a VERY active preschooler and a baby. I remember very distincally one mom talking to me sympathizing with me saying no one understands what we go through with boys like ours. Huh?? She looked surprised when I asked what she meant and she replied, ADHD of course. Her son was 21 and she said she could spot the same behaviour and activity level. I completely blew her off because of course my son was NOT ADHD. He was just very active and impulsive like my dad and brother. He was just being a boy. I felt that ADHD was overly diagnosed and it was for severly hyper kids who needed medication. My son was just active.
That fall Jared started preschool. He did good for his first year. He made a lot of friends and liked going. Then he started his second year of preschool and the teacher would talk to me about how hard it was getting Jared to sit and do his work and how easily distracted he was. I blew it off as Jared just being an active boy.
When he started all day kindergarten we thought it would be an easy transition. After all, he had been in preschool for 2 years so this should be pretty simple right? WRONG! It was a complete nightmare. That was the worst year we went through as a family and the most crying I have done and the most we learned. That story will be for the next entry. If you are interested in reading my e-book "Tips for Parents Raising a Child with ADHD" please click on the link below. The cost is only $2.99 and covers valuable information for any parent.

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