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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yoga for Kids

I just wanted to post a short blurb about Jared's yoga class. I signed him up at the new yoga center in Middleburg Heights because they specialize in yoga for kids with special needs. There are others in the class like Jared so he does not feel bad when he cannot do a move perfect and the teacher is aware of his difficulties with strength and balace. I must say I am amazed at the difference in him. He loves going (of course there are still days he doesn't want to go anywhere because he needs downtime but that is not often) He used to get migraines a lot even with the reflexology treatments. With the reflexology it would help to diminish them once they started but that was it. And they were bad. Like, shut the lights off, give him a puke bucket and a kool pac(greatest invention EVER!) and pray he falls asleep. Since he started yoga they have diminished not only in frequency but in intensity.
 I know yoga is a wonderful stress reliever and Jared has always had difficulty dealing with stress (we are continually working on ways for him to deal with stress) and stress relief has an abundance of healthy outcomes. Our children have so much more stress in todays world than I ever did and yet we expect them to instinctively know how to deal with it when a lot of parents do not even do a good job of dealing with stress.
 Yoga not only  helps him with his headaches but it helps him with his balance and stretches muscles. So a big THANK YOU to his wonderful teacher for having the patience and wisdom and love to teach my child yoga.

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